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Kurma das's Foreward from the Rice cookbook

“The Hare Krishna Movement has led the way in sharing superbly tasty, nutritious and sanctified vegetarian food with the world for almost fifty years. The movement’s Founder-Acharya (and original cook!) Srila A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada has described sanctified food (prasadam) as the ultimate weapon against maya or illusion, the force of darkness that causes us to forget our inherent spiritual nature.


In an illustrious cooking career spanning over 40 years, Sunanda Dasa has been one of the stalwart, front-line generals in this kitchen-based adventure: he has personally cooked and served literally millions of plates of stunningly delectable prasadam. Sunanda is thus exceptionally qualified to write the book you hold in your hands – the first in his series of handbooks on quantity cooking.


As well as being an inspirational cookbook full of mouth-watering recipes, it also serves as a detailed workbook of kitchen standards, replete with quantity charts, practical cooking suggestions and fascinating anecdotes. Usefully, Sunanda has also provided room for notes and quantity/ingredient adjustments. Whether you cook at home or in a large kitchen, Sunanda’s first offering in his exciting series is an eminently efficient educational tool, a ‘dream comes true’ for anyone that prepares food in quantities from 10 to 1000 people.”


(Kurma Dasa, author of Great Vegetarian Dishes)

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