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          Krishna Lunch

Krishna Lunch,  now in its 42nd year of service, was originally known as the Krishna Picnic. Over the years it grew in numbers, had its financial ups and downs, and eventually became a solid pillar at the University of Florida in Gainesville, so much so that it in 2008 it was listed in a campus publication as one of the top 10 things for Freshmen to experience at UF. Currently, Krishna Lunch serves 1,000 + students a day from both the campus servout location and the "Late Lunch" served at Krishna House.


Below is a photo album and a collection of testimonials from students and others, along with some print media nuggets.

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"Dear Krishna Friends,

  I visited the University of Florida for a month and tried Krishna Lunch many times. Your food represents simplicity and health. Not only that, it's very delicious."

  ~ Hazel H.


"KRISHNA LUNCH! I eat it 4 times a week. It saves my meal plan-less butt!"

  ~ Michelle C.


"Two weeks ago, a friend asked if I had tried the Krishna Lunch. I hadn't, so I went with him to give it a try. The food was incredible. You manage to make vegetables taste so good. My doctor had actually recommended (she told me I eat crap) a diet similar to what you offer. The food isn't just great, it's the healthiest food I've eaten since I started college. Your lunch is an incredible service to college kids who are always short on time. The alternative is bleak at best, pizza and cheesebergers. Health-wise, nothing offered on campus or in the surrounding area comes close to Krishna Lunch. I wish I could come to you for breakfast and dinner too."

 ~ Sue W.


"I cannot thank you enough for those delicious, "scaled down from 500 to 5" Krishna recipes I recall from my college days at UF some 30+ years ago. It was a wonderful birthday gift from my daughter for this 22-year vegetarian. I have prepared most of them this weekend for our Yogi and his family. We love the flavors."

 ~ Laurie B.


"Thank you so much for this and for Krishna Lunch every day. I don't know what I would do as a broke vegetarian student without your delicious food."

~ Nicole B.


"I recently graduated from UF and moved to Miami, which is very unfortunate because I used to LOVE Krishna Lunch! I was wondering if there is any way I could get the recipe for the Tuesday and Thursday meals as well as the salad dressing?? I hope it's possible. I don't know how much longer I can go without your yummy food."

 ~Lauren P.


"Thank you for offering such a wonderful experience for students there to learn about healthy, cruelty-free meals. While visiting my daughter on campus last month, we enjoyed your delicious food. I must say I have been craving it ever since!"

 ~ Deborah D.


"Krishna Lunch is my all-time favorite lunch to have. If I'm not eating it, I'm craving it. If I'm not craving it, I'm still thinking about it! I'm just entranced by your food, people, and everything else you have to offer."

 ~ Thanh N.


"My grades would suffer without Krishna Lunch. I'm so grateful."

 ~ Chris C.


"I'm so jealous of your Krishna Lunch!!! I'm going to steal your Krishnas and take them to UCF."

 ~ L.W.


"I just have to comment -- last Friday's  vegetarian chili and whatever subji that went with it was one of the best Krishna Lunch experiences I've had this semester."

 ~ Tiffany F.


"Krishna Lunch food makes my day!"

 ~ Karuna K.



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