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“Pure Ghee (Clarified butter) offered on the fire of 'Yajna' produces more and more Ghee but non-acceptance of such sacrificial rites, under the plea of non-productive economy, drives away completely the production of ample pure ghee, yielding place to the harmful hydrogenated vegetable oils. In the 'Ayurvedic' scriptures oil is particularly mentioned to be harmful for the stomach but in the absence of sacrificial energy of the human being he is forced to accept harmful vegetable oil for the stomach in the name of and absence of pure unadulterated clarified butter. That is the importance of the process of 'Yajna' and that is the Law of Nature.”                   ~ BTG Vol. 3, Part 6  5/1956



“I have read your Cow Protection Report, and I am very much encouraged, especially by your proposal to supply our centers with ghee. This should be done, and you can take money. Now I wish to donate 5 cows, so kindly send me the cost of 5 cows and I will send you check.”                ~ Letter 2/13/72



“So I have already asked him but I will say again, how you require him at New Vrindaban and how he should work nicely there with the cows, under your guidance.You inquire whether you can make cheese? Why cheese? Make sufficient ghee. If you can send ghee to India that would be nice service as there is scarcely any ghee there. Cheese is not good. We should produce ghee so all our centers can have enough ghee.”              ~ Letter 1/7/74





Copyright The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc., used with permission.

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